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Our Philosophy

Tarragindi Child Care and Development is committed to providing an environment that is safe, supportive, creative, and inspiring for everyone with strong relationships and partnerships between the children, the educators and staff, the families, our wider community, and support professionals. We value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. 

In relation to children:

We believe that the child is at the forefront of our educational programs and that play is the medium through which all children learn. We believe that children should be active participants in creating their own learning environment, in partnership with our experienced and creative educators. We believe that children are competent, capable learners, who have a voice in how their learning is shaped. We aspire to develop trusting relationships with all children, so that they feel safe to explore freely in the environment. We believe that each child is an individual and as dedicated educators we will value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities, and knowledge to extend their learning. In partnership with children, we will provide opportunities to explore, discover, create, and imagine. We will strive to enable children to make connections between prior learning and current discovery.

In relation to our educators and staff:

Our educators are motivated and dedicated to first establishing relationships with children and families and then building upon them. Our team of professional educators are reflective of their practice and call upon the latest research and theoretical knowledge to shape and design our shared curriculum. As an organisation, we will support our educators by providing them with the continual opportunities for learning and collaboration with all stakeholders. Our highly trained and skilled educators are compassionate, creative, and inspiring, who value ongoing dialogue with the families who use and belong to our early education service.

Partnerships with industry professionals assist staff to develop and expand the curriculum to meet the diverse individual needs of all children. These needs may be based on cultural identity, additional support education and medical interventions require greater individual knowledge and supported cooperative teams. These partnerships ensure all children are provided for within an inclusive, diverse environment.

In relation to our environments:

We believe that our learning environments should reflect beauty, be welcoming and stimulating for all children. Our environments are thoughtfully considered, taking into consideration natural flow of spaces, and allowing for free movement around both indoor and outdoor spaces. We believe our spaces reflect a commitment to ensuring that everyone feels a sense of belonging and a commitment to becoming lifelong learners. We provide natural and built learning environments that are foster children’s agency; are flexible and responsive.

In relation to the families:

With each of the families of our Early education environment, we strive to establish and maintain respectful relationships. These relationships are built on trust, through daily interaction and communication. We acknowledge the parents of the children in our care as the primary teachers. We believe that by learning about and establishing meaningful relationships with our families, we can best provide and support individualised learning opportunities for the children. We are committed to providing high quality education and care for all our children and families. By actively participating in the Centre, a shared decision-making process occurs between educators and families, fostering a sense of joint responsibility and accountability, which benefits the children, the families, and the wider community. We will endeavour to provide opportunities for families to interact with each other to strengthen relationships in the Centre community, these as special events in our yearly calendar or other opportunities as they arise.

In relation to the Community:

We value exploring and engaging with the community to build on children’s interests and expertise in being and becoming contributors to their world. This is through Bush Kindy, excursions into the local community and bringing the community into the Centre with incursions. We believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships with our local community, which promote active, rewarding engagement. We strive to work in partnership with local schools to ensure the best outcomes for children as they transition.


Tarragindi Child Care Centre Koalas Teepee area
Tarragindi Child Care Centre Emu's Dinosaur Table
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Tarragindi Child Care & Development

311 Toohey Road Tarragindi QLD 4121

Ph: 3892 6044
E: tccd@tcpeducators.com.au

Our Location
Tarragindi Child Care & Development is located in Brisbane’s South.
The centre is close to bus routes / stops.
From the North, take the Marshall Rd exit on the South East Freeway.
From the South, take the Gaza Rd exit on the South East Freeway.